Monday, 16 June 2014

Watercolour Paints and a Penny Black Stamp.


Afternoon Bloggers... a very good friend of mine, Marianne, kindly bought this Penny Black Stamp called Delicate Florals and gave it to me as a gift...I was delighted and so happy, as I love this stamp and could not find it in the UK.
Marianne found a couple of them in the USA. 

So... I got to work, made this card and will be sending it to her as a thank you. 
The background is my very first 'effort' using watercolour paints. Its my spray, splash and plonk it all on look! ... not brilliant but I'll practice a bit more and maybe send Marianne another, decent card, in a few months!
Back soon... with a Parrot!
Thank you for looking at my Blog today 
Eileen x