Thursday 27 February 2014

Something Tattered Stamps and Memory Box Dies

Yo ho Bloggers..
I've been so busy, it's been hard to find time to blog !
I have three cards to share with you today. They were created using some super NEW stamps, available from OYSTER STAMPS called Something TatteredGreat for backgrounds and so pretty.
The cards took next to no time to pull together, using Distress Inks in various colours, Something Tattered stamps and some floral Memory Box Dies also available from OYSTER STAMPS.
Quick and easy... so, off I go go again, to see what else I can play with in my crafty stash !
Thanks for looking today .
Back soon... Eileen xxx

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Another Ikea Mirror with Inka Gold Paints

Morning Bloggers
Sorry about the weird angle of this picture.
It's taken me ages to get a decent picture that shows the iridescence of the paint.....and its still not right!
White Ikea Mirror, Tim Holtz Texture Fade Embossing Folders and Some Die Cut Shapes along with Black Gesso and Inka Gold Paints.

UPDATE .... A quick 'How To'

Sand the surface of the frame down a little
so it will 'grip' the glue.
Emboss white card stock using various Embossing Folders.
I used Centura Pearl, the reverse, white side, for this.
THREE passes through my embossing machine
gave a lovely, deeply embossed, impression.
Using a good quality Medium/Glue (Rangers Glue and Seal)
Glue down all of the embossed card stock onto the frame.
Glue Chip Board and /or card stock Die Cuts on next.
Paint with the black Gesso ensuring every part is covered.
Dry and apply a second coat.
Dry again, then Paint with the Inka Gold Paints.
When dry, buff over the surface with a soft cloth
The paints contain Beeswax and have a lovely shine
A few of us did a similar technique using Bitumen and white spirit when we went to a Karen Clare Workshop.
We had a fabulous time.

Back soon. 
Thanks for looking at my blog today. 
Eileen xxx

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Coventry Workshop ... The Results!

Hi ho Bloggers and followers... good to see you here !
Look at the smashing work the ladies from the
 Coventry Workshop created!
I'm so lucky to have such talent attend my Workshops
Both in Rochester and Coventry. 
Dates for Yorkshire will be posted soon too!
 Feast your eyes on this lot! 


Fantastic work! 
Thank you all for a lovely, happy day. 
Pauline and Rob you are total stars !
Thank you for the YUM Carrot Cakes and your help.xx
I'll be back soon.
(I'll update the Coventry Samples Post 
with the techniques we used, later today)
Thank you for popping by my Blog.
Eileen xxx

Monday 17 February 2014

Memory Box NEW Stencils for the Oyster Stamps Workshop.....

Morning all
I'll be posting the results of my Coventry Workshop on my Blog tomorrow, along with an update on the post below this one, with all the details of how we created them. I'll link everything for you.
For now.... I would like to share this card.
Its Sample # 1 for my March 14th Workshop at Oyster Stamps.
  The Workshop is sold out! 
Thank you for your interest and support.
I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone there.
Two Memory Box Stencils used on this card.
Plus, two Memory Box Butterfly Wing dies and a stamp from my stash!
Back soon, thank you for looking today

Thursday 13 February 2014

Coventry Workshop Sample # 3...... and the other two as well! ....UPDATED

Yo ho Bloggers
Coventry Workshop - February 2014.
UPDATE....  Card #1 was created using some torn paper and Distress inks, various colours, plus the Wild Flower Stamp from Lavinia Stamps.
Tear some copy paper to resemble hills or mountains.
Place it down over your work, then use a small sponge with some Distress inks and dab away, moving  the 'Hills' as you go, up the page!
Needs some practice but the results can be brilliant and so quick.

How to Create Card #2
Take some Centura Pearl card stock, the reverse, white side, and keeping your fingers VERY clean, plonk various colours of Distress Inks straight down, from the pads, onto a large acrylic block.
Spray some water onto the block allowing the inks to 'mingle' and after masking off the bottom of your white card to keep it clean, 'Squidge' the block down onto the card.
Dry with a heat gun.
Ink up the Designs by Ryn Water Droplet Stamp, and stamp over the top of your inked background.
I added a ribbon to neaten off the bottom edge of the inked section.
Die cut some Butterflies. ( Sizzix /Hero Arts set used here)
Colour them with Distress inks and stamp them with the Water Droplet stamps.
Arrange the butterflies as you like and attach them with sticky pads.The sentiment stamp is from Sheena Douglass.
 Card #3
Centura Pearl card stock. The reverse, white side.
Blend various colours of Distress inks onto your card stock.
Remove the roller from a Speedball Brayer and wrap torn masking tape around it.
Snap it back into place and spray the brayer with water, lots of it!
Roll it quickly, a few times, over your inked background pressing down the brayer as you go. Dry with a heat gun.
Stamp and layer your images ( Sheena Douglass flowers feature here) and finally make a few holes wherever you want with a big bite or hole punch and mat over the top of some white card so you can see the white colour coming through.
Please email me with any questions.
Thanks for looking today. Have fun 
Eileen xx

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Coventry Workshop .... Sample # 2

Morning Bloggers and Followers.
Sample # 2 for my Coventry Workshop.
Saturday 15th February
I'll post the last Sample card tomorrow 
and update my Blog with all 
the techniques I've used, next week .
Eileen xx

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Coventry Workshop ...Sample # 1

Afternoon Bloggers.. this is Card Sample  #1 created for a Workshop I'm hosting, near Coventry on Saturday 15th February.
This is a design I'm repeating, using different stamps from a class held at my Rochester Workshop some months ago.
Thanks for looking today... back with sample  #2 tomorrow.
Eileen x

February Rochester Workshop Samples ... UPDATED POST

Hello Bloggers .. just a quick update on this post, to give you some details of the techniques I've used on my Workshop Samples from last Saturday. 
Card 1.
Distress Inks blended background, using the white, reverse side, of Centura Pearl card stock. ( This card stock really 'grips' your ink).

Roller removed from a Brayer and torn strips of cheap masking tape wrapped around the roller before snapping back into place.
Mist the Brayer heavily with water and roll it rapidly, a few times, over your distress ink back ground ..  cool effect! Dry with a heat gun.
Add some more ink through a stencil of your choice. Wendy Vecchi stencil used here.
Finally, add your stamped images, Studio 490 stamps on this card also from Wendy Vecchi.

Card 2
Distress inks background on the card stock as before.
Flick water over the background and dry with a heat gun.
Draw an oval shape on to the back ground in pencil as a guide and stamp the Lavinia Foliage Stamp around to make the wreath using various colours of distress inks.
'MUM' was cut from Quickutz dies.  

Card 3
Three colours from the Citrus inks range, (Oak House Studio) was  used for the background of this card. Add small amounts of your inks straight onto your craft mat and swipe the cards stock through the inks to get a very attractive but simple effect.
Cream card stock, also from Oak House Studio, used on this card.
The leaf image was stamped in various colours of Archival inks.
That's it .. I hope you find it useful.

Please may I take this opportunity to say, that my thoughts are with those of you and your families that are suffering so terribly, because of the flooding here in the UK. Stay strong, stay safe. X

Eileen xxxx
Thanks for looking today.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Rochester Workshops... All THREE of 'em together!

Art Journal Workshop.
Hello Bloggers and followers.
Three Rochester Workshops featured here.
Loads of pictures.
Fantastic fun.. full of colour 
Take a long look at this little lot! 
So much talent!  

Phew.. fantastic work!
Well done Rochester Workshop  Ladies.
Thank you so much for your colourful company! 
The cake was yummy Barbara! 
More Fun Time! 
 Back soon.
Eileen xx