Wednesday 19 July 2017

Lavinia Stamps and Brusho Paints - Moments Like These

Hello... are you a great fan of
 Lavinia Stamps ...I am !
 I love Brusho Paints as well and I've
found they make a great combination.

Today I'm sharing three cards with you
 all using the same technique. 
Brusho Paints, some bleach or Milton fluid
plus a ruler and a black ink pen!

The Stamps I've used are
Top Card - Moments Like These
Tree Card - Sacred Tree 
Fairy Card - Spellbound 

I've had a huge response on Facebook
 regarding the cards.
Thank you Facebook Friends x
Plus, requests to do a You Tube Tutorial.

 I will, as soon as I find some time!
Many thanks for your interest
and for looking at my Blog today
Eileen xx