Monday 28 October 2019

Rochester Workshops November 2019 - The Workshop Samples

 Rochester Workshop on 2nd and 9th November.
There are a few places left, please email me for details.
Dry Embossing using plastic and Stainless Steel Stencils
  plus Embossing Folders, along with Dye-based Inks
blending Brushes and White Acrylic Paint.
 I was interested to note the ‘look’/ ‘finish’
 l got whilst using different sorts of paper
 and card-stock. It’s a fun Technique!

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Rochester Workshop September 2019 Group One -The Results.

 My Group One Crew created some
 fabulous Art Work at my Workshop last Saturday.
 Scroll down and have a look .
Thanks for coming along ladies
 It was a a smashing, cracker of a day!

Roll on next Saturday 
its a Workshop with my Group Two Crew.
Eileen xx

Friday 30 August 2019

Visible Image - Christmas Eve Stamps Set.

Yer know, the thing I love most about
 Visible Image Stamps is the fact 
that they are so versatile..
 This card just sort of evolved as
 I slapped on some acrylic paints 
using a credit card and my fingers
along with the Strobes Stencil and the
 Christmas Eve Stamps set. 
A few Archival Inks later, 
and, I'm not quite sure how I got here...
 but it sure was fun!
Thinking of you Pat as I paint...get well soon x
links for you below
#visibleimagestamps #visibleimagestencils

Monday 26 August 2019

Rochester Workshops September 2019 Christmas Cards - The Samples

 These are the cards we will be creating at 
my September Workshop 
Two classes September 7th and 14th 
Pink Ink Stamps, Visible Image Stamps.
The Lavinia Stamps Dragons and a
 Stencil Back-Plate called Faux Dragon Leather 
from Sweet Poppy Stencils .
Please email me for more details

Thank you for looking at my Blog today 
Eileen xx

Monday 19 August 2019

Rochester Workshop August 2019. Group Two - The Results

Hello.. My Group Two Crew did a cracking job
 at my Rochester Workshop last Saturday.
and, it was the most amazing 
relaxing day too. Fabulous Fun! 
Scroll down and click on each picture for details !

Fantastic, fabulous work from my Ladies! 
Thanks for looking at my Blog today 
Eileen x