Thursday 2 June 2011

LOTV Colouring Master Class Day

My first effort at the class
Hi ya,

Blogger is still showing off, so I am 'nipping' on while I can, to see if I can post today or wot!

A couple of weeks ago, Karen and I trolled down to Ashford in Kent, all excited 'cos we were going on a LOTV Colouring Master Class Day course using Copics and Promarkers.

Great Hotel and easy to find.

We received a warm and very friendly welcome from the LOTV team and over coffee or tea and biscuits, we were invited to peruse the goodies the team had brought with them for us to buy at VERY good prices if we wanted to!

Huh! don't be daft, OF COURSE we wanted to buy and I enjoyed shopping without spending too much ;) (Hubby maybe reading this ....nudge, nudge....wink wink.... know wot I mean 'arry!)

 Bev  and Jacqui were our tutors for the day and we learnt a lot from these very talented ladies.

The images I am posting here were the projects we coloured on the day.

The pace of our 'lessons' was slow enough at the beginning until our confidence grew and we felt more comfortable, then the pace increased.

We were given a goody bag and a new project, complete with everything we needed, including some pretty flowers to take home with us .... there was also a free raffle with lots of prizes, both Karen and I won a prize.
2nd Lesson

Coloured this image at home.
We had  lunch and chatted to our fellow students who I found to be very friendly and I have stayed in touch with a few of them.

 We also received tuition and help while using Prismacolour / Polychromos Pencils .... these make a huge difference to the shading and dimension of your image.  Karen and I had a great time and came away with brand new skills. Many thanks to Bev, Jacqui and the LOTV team.:)

Some happy ladies!

Our table, Janis, me, Tara and Carolyn.
Jacqui and a Prismacolour  Pencils demo

 I plan to make cards using the images I have shown you as soon as I can and I will post the completed cards

Thanks for visiting my blog today, please get in touch if you have any questions, have a great day.

Eileen xx