Thursday 4 November 2010

How To Blend With A Brayer...... Part One.

I have a few of these
This post is one of three that I hope will help if you are having problems with 'blending' while using a brayer and your dye based inks.

Part One shows you all the equipment I use to achieve the results that I like. There are other products, however, those shown here are the best ones for me.

My Brayer tree!
My brayer 'tree' is an old mug tree that I use to store and protect my brayers.

The brayers don't see the sun! (along with my stamps they stay in the dark) I never lay them down on their rubber edge as this can dent the surface of the rollers. So hanging them is tidy and saves them from damage.

You will notice I have three Speedball Brayers (soft rubber) and two hard plastic brayers with vivid red rollers in two different sizes.

I will talk about the techniques I use with this kind of brayer in part three of this tutorial.
My Favourite Card for blending
For now, I want to concentrate on the blending technique and I find I can only achieve the blending I like with my Speedball Brayer.
Next up in my equipment list of 'must haves' are the inks I use. Adirondack dye based Ink pads and Big and Juicy pads. I don't use ANY other inks on my Speedball Brayers.
I use baby wipes to clean my brayers or mild soap and water NEVER, NEVER solvent based cleaners!
Finally, the  paper I use is SO important.
Postcard size card from Clarity Stamps, Smooth 160gsm paper from the IQ premium range at Staples ( not cheap but lots of it and a cheaper way when you are learning!) and finally Matt card stock from Lavinia Stamps, most of my cards are made using this one.

You will also need piles of 'cheap as chips' copy paper... any brand will do.
When I started to brayer I got in a right old mess but after watching some DVDs from Clarity Stamps and Lavinia Stamps and getting the products that will produce the results you want, it is JUST a matter of practice and 'flicking your wrists!......
Part two ...How to Blend is.....tomorrow. Make sure all yours wrists are 'floppy' by then please!
Thanks for looking.
Eileen xx