Sunday, 7 November 2010

How To Blend With A Brayer...... Part Three.

 Hi, this is the last part of 'How To Blend With A Brayer'....Huh! who said thank gawd for that?

I've  received hundreds of emails (well a couple) from Speedball brayer owners who have been following the posts and they have succeeded in beautiful blending!
Most rewarding to know you can understand what I am talking about cos sometimes I get in a muddle and I am writing the blooming thing.

Now....before I take you into the land of part three I just need a little word with....VAL!

Val is good friend ( or was ) and we both attended a crop on Saturday in Faversham. I had the most super time ...thanks for your company ladies.

I digress....Val told me how she had enjoyed reading these posts. I was flattered, not for long through!

"Yes" said Val  "I found that if I kept a pin beside me I was fine"  "A PIN ! what the heck is that for " said I  "Well" she replied  "When I found I was NODDING OFF I stuck the pin in my hand, woke up and carried on reading your blog"..... I sobbed!

 Get yer pin ready Val cos here comes another 'chapter'!

At the top of this post is the card I finished at the crop yesterday with the blended background of Adirondack inks, a stamped swirl, a few poppies and a white gel pen to doodle with.

Today I swapped my Speedball brayer for one of my other brayers with the hard plastic roller.

Using a Rainbow Vivid dye ink pad and Glossy Card stock I have produced the two small backgrounds shown here.

I stamped some white glossy card with a Clarity Stamp and Versamark ink, then loaded the brayer, taking care not to run the colours into each other and without taking any excess ink off I ran the roller over the card (this is the orange/yellow card)

I used a fairly light touch to begin with, then applied more pressure as I loaded up the brayer with more ink to add other layers.  Some kitchen roll was then employed to 'polish' the card, this removes any excess ink and reveals the  leafy swirl image ...this is called the Resist Technique.

On the blue card the process is the same, except, I heat embossed the image after stamping with the Versamark ink and covering it with white embossing powder. Again it needed a polish.

Well, that's it ...I hope it has been of some use to you.

Val, I hope you have a plaster cos blood on your cards is 'not a good look'!

Thanks for dropping by today...Wedding cards later this week. Please visit again if you can.
Vivid ink pad link!
Eileen xx