Monday 15 September 2014

Rochester, September 2014 Workshops. Group 2 - The Results!

Little Bertie came along to my Workshop last Saturday. He was poorly and his mum didn't want to leave him 'Home Alone'  We all made a fuss of him cos he is so adorable. The vet had to take some blood from him so the bald patch is where the vet had shaved him first! Bless! .. He is much better now, thank goodness.x
Here are some beautiful people and some lovely Art work from my Group 2 ladies that came to my workshops last Saturday and Sunday .
Happy, happy weekend!

Brilliant days, brilliant Art Work. I was as high as a kite, running around making sure they were having a good time!
 Plus... we had cakes and a quiche made by the fabulous Barbara Cleggett!

Back soon, thanks for looking today.
Eileen xx