Monday, 17 June 2013

June 2013 Workshop... Stunning Results!

 Well, oh my, what a fabulous day we had last Saturday and look at these stunner's! (the cards ain't bad either!) I so enjoyed it all.
We missed some of our friends who were on holiday or doing other things, like winning prizes in 'Golf competitions' Well done Chris.x
But it was a smashing day.
Barbara produced another mouthwatering cake and I'm proud of all the super projects my 'students' created.  Rock 'n roll!


Thank you for looking today. Come back tonight, I have some news to share:) !
Hello and a warm welcome to my new followers... thank you for your interest. 
See you all later... bring yer mates back with you ! Every little helps!
Eileen  xx


  1. Thanks for showing all the lovely workshop samples over the last few days. Looks like lots of fun was had by all.

  2. A wonderful array of cards - I can see this was a very successful workshop and obviously fun too. Thanks for sharing

  3. Gorgeous results! I especially love the first ones.
    Groetjes Karin x

  4. Stunning results Eileen. . . .ooh . . . okay then . . .I'll nip back later for your news!

    Sarn xxx

  5. Oh how I miss that cake! And those lovely smiley faces! Looked like a wonderful day? And wonderful projects too! Well done lovely ladies xx can't wait to find out what the exciting news is? Xxx

  6. They are all lovely and so special looking, a really great day by the look of it.
    I won't be able to come on Saturday as we will be in Stockury but I am pretty certain that Margaret and Gill will be. Carry on enjoying yourself, it is what life is all about. xx

  7. Wow what a lovely stencil.well done to your workshop ladies the cards are super!!

  8. Aww, so jealous of you lucky ladies......the cards are fabulous, well done all of you xx

  9. Wow, looks like everyone had a super day...roll on July!! :o)

  10. Gorgeous cards! TFS Cathy x


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