Monday, 6 August 2012

PanPastel Tutorial... Simple Blending.

White Gel Pen Highlights

Hi everyone,
I hope this simple 'How to Blend' with the PanPastels Tutorial will help if you are new to this medium. I've used three bright colours, Permanent Red, Diarylide Yellow and Phthalo Blue. This is how I blend.

The card stock is 'White Linen' from the Papermill on line store. I use this a lot as I like the textured finish it gives me. It's not always easy to stamp on, but I feel that adds to the 'mix'!

Start with the Red and SWIPE your sponge over the pan ONCE only. Do not DAB the Pan, this disturbs too much chalk. Don't overload your sponge because you will pick up far too much powder and just get into a right mess!
The magic is in the 'layering' of your colours.

Apply the colour to your card stock. I use a circular blending motion.

Swipe the sponge over the red again, only once remember and go back over your work in the same place to build up a layer of colour. Carry on building up your red layer until you are happy with the depth of colour achieved.
Move on and do the same with the Yellow making sure you go over and out from the edges of the Red. Blend them together you now have Orange. Build up your layers of colour slowly.

Repeat the Yellow until you like the shade you have achieved.
Ensure the Yellow has some space for itself before you move on to add the Blue.

Blend the Blue into the Yellow, as before, so Green appears. Apply more Yellow if you want a brighter green or more Blue, of course, if you want it darker. 
I hope you are still "Swiping" your sponge across your Pan. No overloading or dabbing!

Place some copy paper over the colours as you move over and up your card, this is to protect your work from your finger marks as your fingers will be messy!

Add some more Blue so it gets it's own space, blending it out  from the Green, then add the Red again blend out from and into the Blue to make a lovely Mauve. 

Each colour must have its own sponge, even the new shades you have created, green, orange and mauve. 
I do not wash my sponges. You can if you wish, but I like to store them in colour coded plastic resealable bags to use over and over again, as quite often there is enough surplus colour left on the sponges to complete other projects without getting out the Pans!

Finally, apply a small amount of Black around the edges of the card to add a bit more depth and interest!

Spray your finished background with a cheap hairspray (this is not archival) or a proper Pastel sealant.

Then its onto the stamping and on this card I've used distress Inks plus black archival and Dylusions Stamps from the Doodle Parts Set.
Distress inks

 Dylusions Stamp

I hope this helps. The finished card is much 'richer' in colour that my pictures show. The light was a bit 'iffy'  today. 
Please email me if you have any questions ...

Thanks for looking. Have fun and please let me know how you get on!
Eileen xx


  1. Thank you very much for this tut! Been very helpful xxx

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this, very helpful. Now, must get some PPs
    Caz x

  3. Very helpful Eileen. Thanks for sharing your top tips xxx

  4. Thanks Eileen - that is so helpful. Now I will get out my Pan Pastels and "Have a go" as I have had them for quite a while and not tried them yet!!

    Di x

  5. Thank you so much for the tutorial Eileen, it was very helpful and I shall be getting the pan pastels out shortly to give it a try.

    Sue x

  6. WOW" Stunning cards and a brilliant tutorial. Thank you


  7. beautiful work as usual and really good tutorial xxx

  8. Thanks for the info Eileen, you do get a fabulous array of background colours with these.

  9. Hope that I will be able to join your classes (one day when I am not working full time!)- just love your projects and the techniques you have developed.

  10. Great tut, Eileen......wish I didn't get into such a mess when using them :( .....Fab card, the colours are wonderful xx

  11. Thank you so much for this Eileen. I've had my PPs for a while now but can't seem to get the results I want. When I have a spare few minutes I'm going to settle down and follow your tutorial to the letter. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Eileen - you make it look so easy, just need to save up for some pan pastels!! Denyse xx

  12. Swipe!! That's where I am going wrong. These colours are fabulous Eileen thank you. I will report back if I manage to achieve anywhere near ok. X

  13. Fabby Tutorial Eileen, love the colours you used and the leaves look fab
    Lindsay xx

  14. Eileen my bezzy told me the other day I shoud be buffing up my pastels. I have searched everywhere but am beginning to think that's not correct. So on reviewing your tutorial it looks like you don't buff/ polish them at any stage? I have recollections of seeing a demo where kitchen roll was used to polish an image. Can't remember what it was. Help!! X x

  15. Thanks for a great tutorial, Eileen. I've just got some PanPastels and used this to try them out. I need a bit more practise but I'm really happy with what I created. They are a lot of fun to use. x

  16. Brilliant tutorial Eilleen and I love the finished card it's beautiful, might have invest in some pan pastels !

  17. Ok, I'm going to give that a go and I'll stick strictly to the instructions ............ thanks so much for the tutorial ....... here goes :) xx


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