Wednesday, 19 March 2014

SplodgeAway Masks and Distress Inks

Post number two today.. SplodgeAway Masks and Distress Inks.
Grab a Mask / stencil... tape it down onto your journal page, plonk some inks on through the Mask / stencil, take the stencil off and wash it... grab another Mask / stencil, tape it down and plonk on some Black Soot Distress Ink...remove your stencil and wash it... Job Done! 

I'm playing with some Sweet Poppy Stencils today. I'll be posting my efforts with them soon... Thanks for looking today.
Eileen xx


  1. such vibrant work! you are a very talented lady - and lovely too xxx

  2. Very colourful, beautiful images xxx

  3. Just love the translucent inks, and the butterfly hair combination is just wild.


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