Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Andy Skinner Retro Clock - Kroma Crackle and Inka Gold Paints.

Hi Ho Bloggers. Last Saturday I went along to the Allhallows Crop with my crafty mates. 
If you live near Rochester Kent we always love to see new members! 

We sat around, chatted, ate cakes and other naughty stuff and spent the day crafting.... Bliss.
The Clock I'm sharing with you today is the project I started to work on, finally finishing it on Sunday afternoon.

I was given the Clock kit some months back as a gift, so not sure where to buy it.
Its called The Retro Clock by Andy Skinner. Its a large Clock.
Two coats of Black Gesso, painted on with sponge brushes and covering all the parts well, before applying some PVA Glue followed by the Kroma Crackle ( the pva glue makes the crackle stuff work faster ) and then, after drying with a heat gun I watched the crackles appear!

I applied my Inka Gold Paints using sponge brushes and added touches of Treasure Gold gilding wax here and there. ... job done. 

My friend, Karen Clarehosts workshops locally and her classes include this clock but using different materials... stunning stuff, pop over and have a look at her blog HERE.
Back soon. Lots more to share with you this week ... tick tock!
Thank you for looking today.
Eileen xxx


  1. this looks amazing - fantastic work xx

  2. I love it Eileen, the kroma crackle and the inka gold go so well together.

    Sue xx

  3. Really a breathtaking art work!
    xox Anja

  4. I love all the different colours you have used for each of the numbers Eileen, and the crackle finish works beautifully. x

  5. Delicious colors. I love what you do!

  6. This is fabulous Eileen, I do love the different colour tones.
    Linda xxx

  7. It's so beautiful Eileen, you never cease to amaze me. BTW: I was talking to the lady ( sorry forgot her name) on the sweet poppy stall at the NEC last Friday was your ears burning....only good things of course...lol... x

  8. this is super awesome Eileen. methinks i need to invest in incas soon xx

  9. I just bought some Kroma Crackle the other day. Wonder if it's the same kind... Now I'm extra inspired to play with it! Love the metallic paints over top of the texture!

  10. A masterpiece Eileen, watching the clock will no longer be boring.


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