Monday, 17 March 2014

Rochester Workshops March 8th and 15th 2014 -The Results.

Post Number Two  .. March 8th and March 15th  Rochester Workshop Classes. 
Same projects... different 'Artists' at each class.
Cracking days - thank you ladies... xx 
Art journal Class Pictures next post.. Phew... I'm a busy little Blogger today! 

Yummy cake created by Barbara Cleggett.. Thank you Barbara x
Now... I'm sure you've  noticed how 'stern' my ladies look in the pictures.. well, this is because I promised them a slice of cake and  'dip' in my bag of fruit gums if they 'got on with it' and stopped all the messing around and laughing... it's called ....Tough Crafting !
Mmm... they didn't take much notice of me though... after the pictures were taken, the noise was worse than a F1 race day!
Back soon with a Journal Page or two from the Art Journal Class!
Eileen xxx