Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Donna Downey Stencils and Brusho Paints.

Donna Downey Stencils and Brusho Paints

Phew! What a week so far and its only Tuesday. Lots of exciting crafty stuff coming along for me, so thought I best get Blogging while I have the time.
Quick post today to share some work that I completed recently.

Donna Downey Stencil, Brusho Paints... and a Snail Stamp!
 Sorry about the rush... got to dash!

Brusho Paints.
Any questions, send me an email. I'll be happy to answer you if I can help.
Thanks for looking today.
 Eileen xx


  1. Great canvases Eileen.... Well it's to be expected from a talented Lady like you..... Need to do more of these I think...... Really super !!! xxx

  2. Lovely canvases. The dripped one really makes me smile. You should have a sign that says
    "Not retired, just work for pleasure" as you sure don't seem to stay still for Long xx

  3. Eileen, these are fabulous! It must be the weather.

    I officially retired on Friday and have spent all weekend really playing with my brusho paints - I need you to keep me inspired and challenged, thank you.

  4. I love these stunning canvases Eileen, great colours and stencils.

    Sue xx

  5. Gorgeous cards as usual Eileen. Love the stamps and stencils and the Brushos never fail to deliver! x

  6. All stunning . . . but I'm particularly drawn to the "drippage" one. What a great stencil! xxx

  7. I know this is an old post but I just saw it today on Pinterest. I love your work! Very expressive and colorful and just cool! I’m really interested to find out how you did the water drops on umbrella man?

  8. Hi Sabell ... the water droplets are a STAMP from a website called ''Designs by Ryn'' Ryn is fabulous lady and she lives in Canada. great service and super quailty stamp E xx


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