Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Brusho Paints and Penny Black Poppy


Hi ho all you Bloggers... I've been playing with Brusho Paints again! Me and my crafty pals on Facebook have had a wonderful time with these paints.
To make this card it was Splish, Splash, Splosh with some water onto watercolour card.

Sprinkle some Black Brusho Powder onto a heat mat or other surface that will allow you to mix with copious amounts of water then Dib, Dab, Dob and Dribble over the card for the background, adding more colour where you want.
I layered up the black paint on the background using some kitchen towel to mop up excess water/colour if it 'dribbled' where I didn't want it to dribble! 

The Poppy Stamp is from Penny Black and the sentiment stamp from Sheena Douglass.
You will fine both the Penny Black Stamp and Brusho Paints ( they are getting the WHOLE RANGE !) at Oyster Stamps. 
Thanks for looking today .... Back soon.
Eileen xxx


  1. Oh noooooo! It looks like I'm gonna need some Brusho paints now! You really ARE a nuisance with your beautiful art Eileen!!! I shall be having WORDS in Sept!

    Big hugs,
    Sarn xxx

  2. The background is wonderfully subtle Ive just bought the starter kit (your fault!) :-) but so far results are very bold lol mind you Oven only had one play!
    Suzi B x

  3. It was me that had one play not the oven!!

  4. This is a lovely PB stamp Eileen as I adore poppies, and these paints are brilliant! x

  5. Due to your fantastic art I bought the starter kit, my initial efforts are diabolical ! Do you gave some kind of magic control over these paints LOL, I guess it's back to practise,practise and more practise not my strong point.
    Love your blog

  6. Another stunning card Eileen I love it - now if I tried it ----it would just be a right mess lol xx


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