Tuesday, 14 January 2014

January 2014 Rochester Workshop = The Results

I was bribed to smile for the camera!
The January Workshop was a super, busy, fun day!
My ladies created some fantastic cards!

Got to get it right... or Eileen will show off!

Eyes down ... keep going!

"Barbara... there's a Ferret in my bag!" ......... " Really? why haven't I got one then!"
Huh ! ... typical... stand up for a minute and someone nicks yer chair!

Keep working girls.... she's watching!
Eyes down... carry on crafting!

" Be careful Ann... you know there's no cake if its not straight!"

Well done ladies... a happy crafting day 
Thank you ! 
Eileen xx


  1. What beautiful cards Eileen, well done to all the pupils, and the Teach of course. :) xx

  2. stunning makes - one and all - fabulous xx

  3. Wow these are fabulous - really really looking forward to Feb workshop now x

  4. The photographs are fabulous Eileen. Stunning works of art by the ladies.

    Linda xxx

  5. well done, smashing lot of colourful cheerful cards

  6. Looks like a real happy crafting group Eileen. Wish I could have been there with you all but I live too far away. WOW! the cards are all amazing Ladies well done to everyone including the teacher of course ! Hugs Jennifer xx

  7. Wow! What STUNNING results! Well done girls xx
    I'm not surprised though, with such fabulous guidance and inspiration from Eileen :) x

  8. such beautiful work. a credit to their teacher xx

  9. It was a such a lovely day. Thanks again Eileen! :) xxx

  10. what lucky ladies getting to play with all that super crafty stash. Beautiful cards, ladies and I'm sure you all had a lot of fun with Eileen... I hope there was cake !! xx

  11. Love all the variations that the ladies came up with, they all look fabulous!

  12. A wonderful day as usual, fabulous inspiration, loved every minute of it, the samples always look wonderful when all laid out together xx

  13. Absolutely stunning - all of them I love them all and it looks like you all had a fantastic time xx

  14. Lovely and what a lovely day you all had, everyone was a winner and was really glad to be there. Well done. xx

  15. Hey Eileen, Thanks for leaving this post on my Facebook! I think you're a fantastic teacher because all of your students cards look fantastic! It looks like you teach not only technique but composition as well. I just love the batch with the stencilling on half of the card. The stamping over top of the stencils with the cut out versions of the stamps falling into the white space is a brilliant design. Love em'! I keep saying it, but if I'm ever in your neck of the woods I am taking a class!!!


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