Thursday, 16 January 2014

Gelatos,Gesso and a PaperArtsy Stamp

Me again Bloggers! 
Another Journal page that I created
 whilst at my Workshop, last Sunday.
This page was painted first with Gesso.
When that was dry, I added a layer of  
White acrylic paint.
After making sure the paint base was dry 
I applied various colours of
 Gelatos stick paints over the top,
 added some water and allowed the colours to drip.
My friend, Chris Hearn had nicer 'drips' than the rest of us.
Chris reckoned we were all suffering from 
 Drip Envy!
More drying then Distress inks applied through a Tim Holtz Stencil.
The main stamped images are 
from PaperArtsy
Thanks for popping over to my Blog. 
Enjoy your day
Eileen xx 


  1. I like your drips, very colourful xxx

  2. Fantastic as usual Eileen, I love your drips! X

  3. I love this so bright and colourful, (just a shame about the drips Eileen), he,he,he. Thanks for the link back, your a star teach.. xxx

  4. Fabulous, I am awaiting my Gelatos to arrive, I only ordered the pack of 10, you've inspired me to get straight to it once they arrive xx Zoe xx

  5. love the look of these gelatos - brilliant xx

  6. "Drip Envy" indeed! You're so funny Eileen and WAAAAAY too talented IMHO!

    This is fantastic


  7. Another amazing project Eileen. You can certainly work colours to perfection lol !! Bright colours scare me a little! I can use them but I prefer pastel shades. Oh! by the way, your drips are great ! Hugs Jennifer xx

  8. Fab-dripulous :) Love it!

    Linda xxx

  9. and you did it at a workshop. fancy what you would do if you had no distrctions. love that stencil btw xx

  10. No comment about who is the biggest drip because I don't know Chris but the effect is really very nice and so colourful. Worth the effects and so glad you enjoyed your weekend. x

  11. This looks great. The Gelatos sound very interesting, and I love the PaperArtsy stamps too. Looks like good fun! x

  12. What a fantastic affect Eileen, love the drips, the Geltos sounds interesting, so many new products coming thru.. Dee x

  13. Very arty, just love it. Think I would have a problem as there seems to be a few 'wait til it dries', and waiting is not my strong

  14. Loving the drips Eileen the Gelatos sound really intersting xx


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