Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sheena Douglass, TV Samples #3

Yo ho bloggers, we are waiting for the snow here.
Nothing yet. Stay warm and safe wherever you are.
Sheena's new stamps have stirred up a huge amount
of interest. So many lovely comments here, on my posts and on
 Facebook. Thank you very much x 
Weather permitting, Sheena is on Create and Craft TV
tomorrow morning at 8.00am UK time.
Other show times are
Monday 21st Jan 8am, 1pm and 5pm

 Tuesday 22nd Jan 9am and 4pm
Wednesday 23 Jan 8am, 11am, 2pm and 6pm
Thursday 24 Jan 8am, 2pm and 5pm

All UK time.
 I'll be watching! 
Thanks for looking at my blog today.
Eileen x 


  1. Judging by the amount of samples you've made, I'd say you've enjoyed these stamps? Stunning and very inspiring work as usual Eileen xxx

  2. Snowing now Eileen! Daisy will be pleased to see a bit more of the snow fairy :-) Love these cards and the stamps, your colours are always so striking x

  3. More lovely samples, love the tiny daisies on the shadow background. Take are if the snow comes, it is bitterly cold here but the snow is going slowly.

    Sylv x

  4. Wow, looking forward to seeing out local celebrity on TV. Smashing work Eileen. XX

  5. More gorgeous samples Eileen, I love the vibrant colours especially on a cold wintery day like today. It makes me think of summer, and warmer weather.

    Sue x

  6. more beautiful cards, Mary x

  7. Fantastic samples for Sheena's they'll 'stand out a mile' on telly! x

  8. Fantastic samples as always Eileen, I just love the way you use colour, hope you keep warm in the snow and give Snowflake a hug from me. X

  9. Lovely samples for Sheena 's show tomorrow. It's been snowing since early morning on the south side of Birmingham. Dee x

  10. Love your vibrant designs. The large shapes of colour against the white is striking. Love the beautiful designs in the post previous as well. Happy Sunday, Shirleyxx

  11. Morning stunning cards, Eileen. I adore how you love using colour. I really must get more adventurous.
    Hope you are staying safe in the snow.
    Hugs Lisax

  12. Lovely, if the snow keeps comming, I'll be watching as well ........... fingers x'd ........ let it snow, let it snow :) xx Already a few inches deep and still going :)

  13. Thanks for sharing these lovely cards and tags with their beautiful vibrant colours.

  14. Stunning as always Eileen, beautiful colours and loving the flowers and sentiments.

    Linda xxx

  15. Eileen, bei deinen herrlichen Beiträgen geht mir immer das Herz auf.
    So fröhliche sonnige Farben. Das tut richtig gut jetzt im Winter.
    Wunderschön sieht das wieder alles aus.

    herzlichst Sophie und danke...

  16. These samples are all soooo beautiful Eileen xx


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