Friday, 4 January 2013

New SplodgeAway Masks

 Yo ho everyone.
All of the projects posted here were
 made using the new SplodgeAway Masks
that will be shown on Create and Craft TV at 11am and 4pm today!

I had a fabulous time making the cards and tags.
Such fun.
Thanks for looking today
back soon... very busy this week
Keeps me out of trouble!
Eileen x


  1. Beautiful again Eileen, such wonderful work. I will set the TV to record today. GREAT stuff. XXX
    ps, hope you are feeling better.

  2. Wow! I'm so excited about the show, I love their products, I feel my collection may be growing again ;) lol thanks for the inspiration! Xxx

  3. Hi EIleen

    Fantastic cards, your work certainly is an inspiration to us all, I have ordered a slodge mat and a few masks with my Christmas money, and will watch the show, can't wait to see what I come up with..

    Sylv x

  4. These look amazing.

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. These are such great examples Eileen. I bet they get lots of air time! Must be SOOO exciting seeing your own creations on TV!

    Sarn xxx

  6. Lovely colourful samples Eileen, I'm sat at the PC with the TV on ready to watch the show.

    Sue x

  7. Hi Eileen
    Theses are just beautiful- much appreciated x

  8. Wow!!!
    Ich bin berauscht von den prächtigen Ergebnissen.
    Wie toll ist das denn?!
    Aber ich habe diese Masken noch nie gesehen, auch nicht im Shop...?

    Herzlichst Sophie

  9. WOW Eileen these are just awesome! I love the gorgeous vibrant colours and the bookmarks are my favourite.

    Linda xxx

  10. Fabulous! waving hi from the chilly hills of North Carolina :)

  11. Beautiful samples, you've sold me ........ as soon as I get over the big Christmas spend I'll be investing in some splodge stuff xxx

  12. Great splash of colours Eileen to brighten us up at this time of year. Love the masks, unfortunately recorded the cc show but missed out on the new masks! Oh well saved me some pennies to spend another day.... Dee x

  13. Gorgeous samples Eileen huggles hun xxx

  14. Eileen so proud of you!!! I´m sorry I couldn´t watch the broadcast :( I think I missed something good. Maybe I can find it somewhere online? These tags are beautiful! As always I am a huge fan of your colour work. The new mask works very well with Water Droplets. I am working hard to try and produce some more 3D designs to go with the droplets. Hoping to have them finshed and ready by the end of February. I´m so glad you liked my little video ;) Talk soon!

  15. I can't say anything that hasn't been said before....Everything is fabulous, and when I pointed all of your creations out Adam....he said, 'How do you know'?....I said 'Oh, I just do'! ;) Your projects are so very distinctive. I love the first card, but those bookmarks are my favourites, the colours are simply wonderful xx

  16. wow wow they all look great!!


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