Friday, 29 April 2011

Very Proud to be British Today....

I am watching the Royal Wedding .... When we Brits 'do' a 'DO' we get it RIGHT....Yeah! ...... I am having a grizzle and I don't care !

E x


  1. You're so right Eileen.

    I confess to being a tad fed up with hearing about it all beforehand, but on the day . . . I just had to watch the Wedding itself and I loved what I saw. I wish them every happiness.

    Hugs, Sandra

  2. Oh! yes! have to admit, I too filled up. Wonderful day! :0) xxx

  3. It was a lovely day. I avoided too much pre-wedding overload from the press and hadnt intending sitting all day to watch, but I got caught up with it all and blubbed my way through the whole thing!! Cant wait to 'scrap' the pics I took off the tv!!


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