Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Break.... Stash in the 'Van!

Lovely and sunny

Hello, We had the most fantastic Easter break and enjoyed ourselves enormously. I hope you did too!

The weather was great, our friends were super company and the 'girls'! went on adventures everyday!
Not going anywhere without my COPICS!
I made four cards so I will post one each day for the next few days.

However, I am posting twice today... 'Cos I would like to show you some of the stash I  took away with me!

Please be aware that the cupboards over the top and around the bed are also FULL of stuff! 

Colouring work station!
We were only away for five days so I will be REALLY loading the 'van up' when we go for our holidays proper!!

The cupboards here contain 'goodies to eat and drink.


Thanks for popping by and I will post the first of the cards I managed to make, in an hour or two, so please come back and have a look .... many thanks
Eileen xx

No time to cook!

The loo and shower are at the back, behind the door you can just see.
The cupboards are also loaded with stash!

Just a 'few bits' here!!


  1. Wow Eileen, that is a home from home. Do you remember the club caravan that we got from Kelvin, that was slumming it.
    Kelvin was at the last rally, he live's in Reading now.

  2. That's going back a few years Trev! This is our third Caravan... It has been all over the Scottish Highlands and Skye !.... It is the largest tourer that you can tow, legally, on our roads. We arrive and put the awning up and it's open the bubbly for me and single malt for Kendo!...welcome to my blog Trev xx

  3. WOW - that's a smashing looking caravan and stuffed full of CRAFT stuff too! Well done! Did you take anything to eat or wasn't there room in the cupboards? LOL!

    Hugs, Sandra

  4. Your van and stash really put my limited crafty things in the shade. Ours is only a small van by today's standards, being the largest we can fit in front of the house. So my stash consisted this weekend of a small bag of cross stitch (which never saw the light of day) one small toolbox with my water colour things in, and two thin books. If you look on my blog, you will see the view from my desk window (the small pull out coffee table). A lot of our time was spent going round visiting friends we have not seen over the long winter.

  5. Wow! that looks one really cosy camper van! Glad you had a nice Easter Break. We had nice relaxing break, sitting in the garden when sunny! Oh and eating lots of chocolate!! LOL

    Hugs Sue xx

  6. How come I have only just found your Easter Blog? Was it because it was "rather cold" in Headcorn with Gloria and Tony Faram?
    That's a super duper caravan, you could not possibly have anything smaller unless you travelled alone or got Ken to set it up and then sleep in his own!javascript:void(0)


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