Monday, 17 January 2011

Red, Black and White ...thanks to Shaz !

Shrink Plastic Butterfly
Hi, Just a quick post today because I am so pleased with how this card turned out!

Many, many thanks to Shaz in Oz who kindly let me copy her design.

Shaz in Oz has a super blog and you must go and have a look here.

She is very fond of her brayer and along with another Shaz, silverwolf  (please see this blog as well  ) uses Stampscapes stamps.  They have made amazing cards and I have ordered some stamps for myself !

Thanks ladies for the inspiration. I cannot wait till they arrive ....woohoo!
Shaz (silverwolf) has some fantastic easel cards on her blog at the moment and Shaz in Oz has a new technique using her brayer ....phew ! busy or wot .

 I am delighted to see I have a few new followers ....thank you so much and welcome.
I am off now to make some more cards ....trying to catch up with these other ladies ! xx

Thanks for dropping by

Eileen xx


  1. Oooh LOVELY. Great card, great stamps.

  2. WOW Eileen. A simple but very striking card, the design and colours look great. I love the stamp, I thought it looked great when you used it previously with B/W. Dee x

  3. Oh, you have done a beautiful job Eileen and thanks so much for link across it is lovely with its fancy border have never sued the shrink plastic but it looks great.. am over computers at the moment as have wasted over two hours yesterday and today trying to get mail t work, thank the Lord it 'tis sorted now!
    :) thank for your cheery notes and I am anxious also to see what you do with those Stampscapes when they come.. and yes love my brayer..totally!
    Love Shaz in Oz x

  4. Hi there, Shaz in Oz told me about the link on your site- thats so lovely, thank you.And thank you for your kind comments, I am sure you are going to love your Stampscapes stamps- the best part I think is that a brayered/sponged/ whatever background is really all you need- the image does the rest.


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