Saturday, 27 March 2010

Clarity Stamps and Adirondack Inks

Hiya, I had a very busy Friday. It was my birthday. My family and friends made sure I had a super day...thank you all for the cards and presents ...more Spellbinder 'nesties' great stuff!

On Wednesday I posted my Fairy Coach card and said I would make another card from the scrap paper I had used to take off the excess ink from my brayer. I liked the colours so much.

Well it is. Because I used just cheap copy paper I had to back it with a stronger white card then I stamped and heat embossed in black, both of the Clarity leafy swirl stamps.
After slicing the finished image into three and mounting each of the sections onto dark purple card stock, I mounted them onto a white card blank and added three cut,embossed and stencilled ( with dye based inks) Spellbinder butterflies...I am pleased with it and from now on will look closely at any sheets of copy paper I use with my brayer before I throw them away !
Enjoy the rest of your weekend & thanks for looking.

Eileen x


  1. Brilliant! A very creative way of using up your scraps. I shall look at mine anew!

  2. I love the idea of using "waste" to create beautiful masterpieces. I have just started investigating the brayer and Big and Juicy, and because my craft room has been relegated to a corridor in the spare bedroom and I cannot find anything, I just grabbed the first piece of paper I could to clear the excess ink. This happened to be a piece of supersmooth decoupage paper so that should give me a better surface to work with the waste. Your talk of the "puppies" at 5 am made me giggle. I know exactly how you feel. Ours bark at the milkman coming round at 4 am. I am now awake every day in time to stop them waking everyone else.

  3. Hi Maggie, I have sent you an e-mail xxxx


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