Thursday, 17 November 2016

Rochester November Workshop. Group Two - The Results

Hi..Today I'm sharing the results from my Workshop
 last weekend, with my Group Two Ladies.
I thought I had wiped my SD card in error.. PHEW! 
All safe, so look at this stunning Art Work.
Well done ladies. You sure are a talented bunch 
and, Barbara Cleggett your cakes were delicious!

 Great Stuff !
Thanks looking at my Blog today 
Eileen xx


  1. Phew! Bet you were dancing on daisies when you found these on your sd card. They are fantastic! Xx

  2. Wow, such beautiful makes, love them all xxxx

  3. More fantastic creations...such talent at your workshops Eileen. x

  4. You must be an amazing teacher Eileen, and you have talented pupils that's for sure.


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