Monday, 14 November 2016

Rochester November Workshop. Group One - The Results

Yo! Some of the results are IN!
Super Art Work from my Group One ladies
Some ladies, as always, travelled many miles
 I sincerely appreciate that.x
Susan, flew down from Inverness in Scotland. Very early start.
Mind you, she was in a plane, so that helped! 
Great day, fun day, worth every minute 
of time spent with you all!
You are such a clever, talented bunch of Crafters. 
Back tomorrow with the Art Work from my Group Two Crew!

Thanks for looking at the Blog today 
Back tomorrow with more! 
Happy Monday 
Eileen xx


  1. Great work ladies, fab projects, really enjoyed these techniques xx Zoe xx

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures of the lovely work - I can tell that everyone has a good time at your workshops

  3. Stunning as always Eileen. Your artwork is always so inspiring and it never fails to brighten my day. Sandra x

  4. Fabulous results at your workshop Eileen, you have some very talented people who come to play. x

  5. Thank you so much Eileen for a fabulous workshop and all your inspiration - so worth the early start, and if I get the chance again, I'll be back! Susan x


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