Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Rochester July 2016 Workshop Group Two - The Results.

Morning all. Sharing the results today
 from my Group Two, July Workshop, last week.
Splendid Art Work! So much fun.
Happy, happy day. 
Thank you Ladies x
Just look at this lot of colourful MAGIC!

And... finally.... two of my best mates... 
Elaine and Sue. Great to see you there girls xx


Thanks for looking at my Blog today 
Back soon 
Eileen xx


  1. Fantastic results, I'm sad I wasn't there :,( xx Zoe xx

  2. Stunning results, lovely workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was lovely to meet Sue at last. xxx

  3. Great results from everyone. A super Workshop. Love this technique....x

  4. Amazing work ladies - can't wait for November!!! Susan x

  5. Wow, gorgeous cards as always, the ladies make such amazing cards. I love the look of the technique you all used in the bottom 4 photos of cards.

    Sue xx

  6. Great day, great techniques, great ladies, great cakes, GREAT FUN!!! Thanks once again, Eileen, for a fabulous day.....looking forward to the 31st!

    Liz xx

  7. So gutted that I missed these techniques.
    Great display of super duper work Ladies. Great tutor our Eileen 😉

  8. Fabulous workshop results as usual Eileen. They all rock!! x

  9. WOW - and so nice to meet your 'besties'. I can only hope I absorb just a tiny bit of your (and your 'crew's') inspiration, you are leaving me breathless!!
    Maggie (Yorkite)
    Pleeeeese do tell where the Zombie stuff is from.

  10. those pieces are sure arty and vivid. it must have been lots of fun. jealous xx


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