Sunday, 3 July 2016

July 2016 Rochester Workshop. Group One - The Results.

Today I'm sharing, 'cos I cannot wait,
 the fantastic Art Work that my
 Group One Ladies created at my Workshop yesterday .
A real Cracker of a day. 
It went in a flash with loads of laughter.
Thanks ladies. It was a blast!

Bring on Saturday and my  Group Two Crew! 
Rock 'n roll!  
Back soon
 Eileen xx


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! so jealous and just wish I lived closer ..... so envious of all your regulars Eileen .... Your talent is second to none and so is that of the ladies who come to craft with you so inspirational !! Well done to you all xx

  2. Awesome work by everyone xx

  3. Wow all looked like you had so much fun x

  4. them all (especially the Zombies - that's my goth side coming out!!). Looking forward to the next traunch.

  5. Fabulous results, so looking forward to next week. xxx

  6. As always Eileen the ladies have produced stunning work, it looks like they all had fun.

    Sue xx

  7. Wow wow wow so stunning hope to see you soon. Love you xx

  8. Congratulations to the group Eileen, such a wide variety of work! x

  9. Congratulation that is a lovely lot of work from your group.
    lilian B

  10. Absolutely stunning pieces. Beautiful work by your group. Barbxx


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