Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Another Ikea Mirror with Inka Gold Paints

Morning Bloggers
Sorry about the weird angle of this picture.
It's taken me ages to get a decent picture that shows the iridescence of the paint.....and its still not right!
White Ikea Mirror, Tim Holtz Texture Fade Embossing Folders and Some Die Cut Shapes along with Black Gesso and Inka Gold Paints.

UPDATE .... A quick 'How To'

Sand the surface of the frame down a little
so it will 'grip' the glue.
Emboss white card stock using various Embossing Folders.
I used Centura Pearl, the reverse, white side, for this.
THREE passes through my embossing machine
gave a lovely, deeply embossed, impression.
Using a good quality Medium/Glue (Rangers Glue and Seal)
Glue down all of the embossed card stock onto the frame.
Glue Chip Board and /or card stock Die Cuts on next.
Paint with the black Gesso ensuring every part is covered.
Dry and apply a second coat.
Dry again, then Paint with the Inka Gold Paints.
When dry, buff over the surface with a soft cloth
The paints contain Beeswax and have a lovely shine
A few of us did a similar technique using Bitumen and white spirit when we went to a Karen Clare Workshop.
We had a fabulous time.

Back soon. 
Thanks for looking at my blog today. 
Eileen xxx


  1. OH WOW Stunning, I thought the other two were fantastic too. I love the colours you've used on this one Eileen. I need to get some of these mirrors, and some time.

    Sue xx

  2. Another stunner! I guess we all know what everyone will be getting for Christmas this year? Lol xxx really fancy a go at this, thanks for the inspiration xxx Zoe xx

  3. you have surpassed yourself on this one, its fantastic!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! You're making me crave an Ikea journey...

  5. Wow you've finished it .... you are having my sort of Holiday!! colours as always are spectacular. My bits of embossed card are still waiting to be played with. Nana duties come first then I can play , Katie will probably help me ... double the mess.You use black gesso instead of bitumen, Eileen otherwise technique is same as Karen put up on her blog.xxxAnnie

  6. Annie.. I'll amend the post ....EX

  7. Wow! Eileen this is stunning.... love the vibrant colours. Thanks for the 'How To' going to have to give this one a go. xx

  8. amazing result Eileen and it sounds so simple - don't have the gold inca paints but apart from that I'm good to go!! Hugs xx

  9. Love it Eileen! The colours are so rich and show off the texture a treat x

  10. Simply gorgeous,another stunning mirror. You'll soon have one for every room, lol, if by any chance you do make too many, just remember meeeeee, hehehehe xxxxxx

  11. Wow, I can't think of enough to say, it's absolutely beautiful xxx

  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!! This is stunning!
    Linda xxx

  13. Another beauty Eileen, just love the colours and the textures you have created. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hugs Jennifer xx

  14. Everything you do is so gorgeous and I really enjoy following you. I am hoping you will tel us the techniques you used in the Coventry workshop.

  15. Wow Eileen this is absolutely stunning, I love everything about it xxx

  16. my fave so far. just gorgeous and perfect colors!

  17. This is so unique Eileen, and love the effects with the Inca Gold paints. x

  18. Another beauty Eileen! I keep trying to order the paints but the shop is out of stock of one or more of the colours I want every time I look! xx

  19. Fantastic design, really another unique masterpiece.
    xox Anja

  20. Another fabulous creation Eileen!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with on Sunday!
    We definitely need shares in Ikea! Lol Hugs xXx

  21. what a work of art love it
    hugs bibiana

  22. Wow, this is the colours and the gorgeous deep embossing. How is it that everything you touch comes out PERFECT??!! ;-)

  23. hello dear eileen; again me Bibiana, I did send you an e-mail in regards the challenge # 3...let me know if you got it

  24. A big thank you for explaining this beautiful piece - I am off tomorrow for black gesso I just have to try this.

  25. Wow! This is simply gorgeous! Thank you for the details.


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