Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sweet Poppy Stencils, Lavinia Stamps, Distress inks and Micro Beads.

Morning Bloggers.
A busy weekend ahead for me. F1 Racing from Canada.
Some crafting, whoop -whoop and Gardening ( yuk!) 
So before I play with the weed-killer and lawn mower I would like to share this card with you.

 I blended a background using Distress Inks onto smooth white card stock, then taped the Sweet Poppy Stencil, Fairy House, using very lo tac masking tape, down onto the fully dried card.

I chose various colours of Distress Inks and  coloured the image through the stencil. Remove the stencil and dry the inks with a heat gun.  

After cleaning the stencil I attached it back into place and taped it firmly down again.
I applied Translucent Paste from Sweet Poppy Stencils and after very carefully removing the stencil, I covered the image with clear Micro Beads that are also available in a large pot from Sweet Poppy Stencils.

I left my project to dry overnight then stamped around the edge using the pretty Cherry Blossom from Lavinia stamps.

I hope you have a fun weekend.
Thanks for your visit to my blog today, back soon with another  Sweet Poppy Stencils and Lavinia Card! 
Eileen xx


  1. Beautiful as usual a cornucopia of colour! Now theres a big word for the morning lol! Have a great weekend xxx

  2. I love the fairy house stencil Eileen, and the lovely bright sunny colours. I think I need to get some Micro Beads.

    Sue x

  3. What a lovely card and The colours are beautiful. Must get to use my microbeads thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Ooooo, so atmospheric! Beautiful xxx

  5. Love the fairy house covered with the beads, fabulous colours as usual.

    Sylv xx

  6. Wonderful card, really fairytale like.
    Wish you a beautiful weekend,
    hugs Anja

  7. Beautiful design, I can imagine the beads are gorgeous 'real'. Great idea ! Have a wonderful weekend, Shirleyx

  8. Gorgeous, those micro beads are moreish :) xx

  9. I was going to ask you a question about the micro beads and there - you've given me the answer on this lovely tag! x

  10. Cheers Barbara.. pleased to help my mates.... Mmmm.... clean yer glasses... it's a card!!! lol lol lol xxx

  11. This is beautiful Eileen :o)

  12. Lovely Eileen, must be gorgeous with the beads IRL! I am glad they don't sell the Lavinia stamps here otherwise I could not resist them!
    Yes, I use watercolour paper(smooth with no structure and 200 and more grs.)
    warm greet Mirandax

  13. Gorgeous Eileen, love the background and the stunning use of the micro beads.

    Linda xxx

  14. So gorgeous..... must get some micro beads! Love the colours too. When did you ink the background, as you've said you did the fairy house on white card? xx

  15. ooo sorry ... misleading everyone.... Inked the background first, onto the white card ... xxx

  16. I've edited the post Barbara.. it was very confusing and I missed it doh! Thanks for telling me xxxxxx

  17. Ooh, love this card! Thank you for the inspiration - I've had my micro beads for a LONG time now and couldn't remember how to use them! X

  18. Brilliant image, just love the stencil and micro beads.
    Went to sleep half way through F1, we had been out and recorded it!

  19. Oh I really like this card, im not usually a fan of orange but love this x


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