Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tim Holtz and my favourite Sizzix Embossing Folder.

Tim Holtz Embossing folder and some lines scored using my Hougie Board
Morning all .... The puppies have been making a noise this morning so I am up early and they have gone back to sleep after making sure I am wide awake! ..... just like a couple of kids!

 I have nothing to post yet so I am looking at some of my favourite cards 'wot I have made!'
One of the 'villains!'

How about this one ...  A Tim Holtz Embossing folder with a few flowers' plonked' on here and there 'Simples'!

I will be crafting today ...woohoo! I am making a Fairy Card for a friend's granddaughter's birthday,

Thanks for popping by.

Eileen xx


  1. Beautiful card, & who said it's a dogs life? Mary x

  2. Love the effect of this all in white - I'll bet those flowers were 'plonked' with a great deal of thought - lovely.

  3. Hi Eileen, just 'plonkin' gorgeous !
    No time for me the next 2 weeks,I've got
    my grandaughter....... Granma, granma.....
    If she calls me once more......
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  4. Bad doggies TM need her sleep and you are keeping her from it.
    You carry on like that and no chicken for a week.

  5. Love this card Eileen, White on White... my favourite. x

  6. Absolutely gorgeous card! Love the white on white...brilliant idea! :)


  7. oh hun this is gorjuss need to have a go! (carly from facebook) lol xxx

  8. I absolutely ADORE white on white dimensional cards. This is simply fantastic.

    Hugs, Sandra

  9. I love the way you just plonk things on your cards, (my spell checker doesn't know "plonk" and suggests using: plank, clonk, plunk and even plotted) you just keep on plonking, you have a beautiful way with it. As you know I don't make cards, although "I have a friend who does", but I just love looking at the cards on here. My hobby is in the looking and waiting.

  10. This is fabulous, I LOVE it Eileen, hugs Gay xxx

  11. Stunning white on white card. You definately have a talent for plonking. Re susiequeue comment - I get 'Plinking' as a suggestion!, have now added plonking to my spell check.

  12. Beautifully done! I love white on white and this is totally awesome!

  13. This is beyond gorgeous! Love it, and love your blog!


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