Thursday, 8 December 2016

Rochester Workshop December 2016 Group One - The Results

It was a calmer, much more relaxed Workshop
 last Saturday, because I allowed my students
 more time to play while I lounged around eating
 chocolate and generally doing ... not a lot! 
The results the ladies came up with were
Well done YOU, my Group One Crew.
See you on Saturday10th Group Two! 
Barbara Cleggett... I LOVE mince pies .. 
Just sayin xx  

 Thanks for looking today.
Eileen xx


  1. Such great techniques with fab results. I had a wonderful day as always. Zoe xx

  2. Mince pies may just be on the Agenda!!! What lovely samples from Group One. xx

  3. Stunning results from the ladies, it looks like Elaine and I missed a fabulous day.

    Sue xx

  4. Amazing projects ladies - I got me some star dies the other day after your lovely samples Eileen. Hope you get your mince pies! x

  5. These are really great...a lot of talent there Eileen. x

  6. WOW.....Brushos and texture paste (plus your groups) are matches made in heaven. It's going to take me ages to absorb all these brilliant works of art. Thanks a million - and happy Christmas!!
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  7. Lovely work and great colours. Could you give me some info on the hotair balloons please, thank you.


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