Thursday, 1 October 2015

October 2015 Rochester Workshop - Sample Two

Morning  all, this is the second sample for my October Workshops.... please email me to book a place for the 3rd October ( limited places).... 10th October is sold out.... thank you for your support.
This 10 x 8 inch Canvas features lots of paint, stencils, inks, and all sorts!
Cannot wait to play!
Thanks for popping over to look at my Blog today.
Eileen xx


  1. I think that canvas and it's words just about sum you up Eileen.

    FANTASTIC looking canvas . . . wish I could come to the workshop more than you know!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. ''Handle with care'' is more me Sarn xxxx

  2. Fabulous Eileen! Wish I was close enough to come to one of your workshops. Those paintbrushes look so realistic and I love the sentiment too. x

  3. Gorgeous canvas Eileen ! I hope you are doing well, Cheers, Shirleyxx

  4. Pat... always such support from you .... thank you xx

  5. Thanks Shirley ... I'm good ta - but blooming busy ! Hope you all good?
    Eileen xxx

  6. I'm so sad I live in Canada. I'd love to attend your class. This is an outstanding piece.


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