Wednesday, 25 May 2011

"You shall have a fishy........when the boat comes in"

My fish is coloured using Coloursoft Pencils.
Hello, just a few words today about how I am getting on regarding both of the colouring courses that I have attempted.

First some details about the My Creative Classroom. online course that I am still in the middle of!

Tomorrow (or Friday) I will post some pictures and information about the Copic colouring course that Karen and I attended last Sunday with LOTV Stamps

My tutor for the MCC online course is Glenda Waterworth from Chocolate Baroque

I am really enjoying this course and it's super value for money .... (about £18)

Each week, for the last five weeks, there have been detailed lessons in PDF format to download along with some digital images to practice on using all the different colouring mediums the course covers and lots of on-line videos to help us along.

Glenda is a super teacher and shows how to get great results using loads of different mediums, including, Dye Based and Distressed Inks, Coloured Pencils, Water Colouring Pencils and Paints etc and some Copic examples.
More than enough to keep me out of trouble for months!

My confidence has soared, my colouring is not perfect but it's much better than it was!

Glenda provides constant feedback on our 'effort's and is very encouraging and helpful .

Each set of 'lessons' is very detailed with a  'how to'  for each project.

My fish, pictured above, is a digital image and it is coloured with ordinary colouring pencils.

We were shown how to blend and build up the colours to make the fish 'round, fat, and shiny'!

I reckon he looks okay but other projects like my spheres were not so easy and I uttered a few naughty words now and again!

Glenda came back with a few pointers regarding the shadows underneath them and I need a bit more practice to sort them out.

Huh! these were hard work !

My morning Glory was another download and I feel okay about the flowers but more work is necessary on the leaves ....they look too flat to me ...Check out Gina's Blog, she is a  fellow student, Gina has coloured a  beautiful Morning Glory  !

I went on holiday for two weeks and I have lots of 'homework' still to do so I will post again when I have finished.

I hope this is of some interest to you. It feels very strange 'learning' how to 'colour in ' after all these years away from school/college but I suppose the old adage' you are NEVER too old to learn' is very true!

 I am shouting out tonight for Jacki ..... please check out her blogs ( she has two!) This one is for her tutorials .... great stuff.

Finally .... I have a question... can you re post an earlier post ? If so how do you do it please ....

Thanks for popping by .... @ Vicki, a letter is on it's way to you :)
Have a good week everyone

Eileen xx


  1. These are brilliant I think you are doing really well love the flowers seems like a great course
    Jacki xx

  2. Hello there Eileen, Fantastic colouring, gorgeous fish, so fat and shiny LOL Thanks for sharing all the info. I'm pleased you're enjoying the courses:0)
    If you want to re-post your previous post again. You can edit the post, you can change the date to today (or whatever day in the future you would like) but the post will not appear in the sequence it was originally, only at the new date. If that's no good I suggest you go to help on your dashboard page in blogger and pose your question, it's very helpful to hear other peoples experiences and there is some good advice for things like this.
    I just today, found out how to keep my candy post at the top of my blog, interesting stuff. I hope this helps, hugs:0) xxx

  3. Hi again I found this just under the last info seems much more direct,

    Go to "POST"
    Then go to "Edit post"
    JUst click om "edit" along with your published post .
    Just copy (ctrl+c) the post from there and paste (ctrl+v) it in your new post.

    Good luck :0) xxx
    Thats all needed.

  4. woohoo, what fun Eileen loving what I see TFS Shaz in Oz.x

  5. That fish certainly looks fat and shiny - the colouring course sounds brilliant and I'm watching out for a repeat which is coming up sometime I believe. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Fabulous colouring Eileen. Your class sounds right up my street and like you say . . . it's good value for money! Looking forward to seeing your LOTV cards soon.

    Hugs, Sandra

  7. Morning Glory is very pretty indeed, and the fish is fab. I love strong primary colours used like this.
    Ros. (87)


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