Friday, 11 March 2011

Thanks to Lavinia Stamps .... I Am a Winner!

Evening all,

I have had a super day today. First of all my crafty 'mate' Sheila came over to my house for a gossip and card making play-time!

While Sheila was here, the postman arrived with a parcel from Quick Cards Magazine with a whole bunch of Sheena Douglass 'A Little Bit Sketchy 'stamps! 72 quids worth!

I had won them when I entered a card making competition in the magazine,sponsored by Crafter's Companion who supplied the prizes. I was one of the winners, woo-hoo!

As one of my friends said on Facebook "you lucky little blogger!".

I was thrilled ... this is my winning card I have posted it before but I think it deserves another airing!!.

Thank you Quick Cards  Magazine and Crafter's Companion.

Lavina stamps, Adirondack Inks and my Speedball Brayer .... love them all!
Be back soon . Have a good weekend.

Shaz in Oz .. Be seeing your blog soon, I have not forgotten ... my internet connection keeps going down ! Every few minutes, driving me mad ! :(
Eileen x


  1. Congratulations, Eileen! A very well deserved win, because it's a beautiful card. What a great prize - have fun with it, and I'll look forward to seeing the results! xx

  2. Congratulations Eileen, and well done you!! Your card is beautiful, and what a fabulous prize - very well deserved! Enjoy using your new goodies.
    Hugs, Sylvia xx

  3. Stunning card, definitely deserves "another airing". Such a tranquil scene too, a very worthy winner. Have fun with your stamps xx

  4. Well done Eileen, another masterpiece xx

  5. Ha! Eileen, was skim reading your post and nearly missed the comment at the end. thanks!

    Eileen... wow!! what a bounty of stamps but personally I think that card well and truly deserves it, no luck - all merit!!.. well done! we are all trying not turn too bright a shade of green..tee hee!
    Off to learn a lesson on Word I hope on sentiments found it on Less is more and want to conquer.. or it may yet again conquer me.. rather like your internet my commiserations, my dear!
    Shaz in Oz.xx

  6. Yes, hear, hear.....I thought this was a stunning card the first time I saw glad it got the recognition it deserved, well done you!!xx

  7. So pleased for you Eileen, all your cards deserve a prize you ought to enter more competitions, you never know, you might not have to buy any more crafting goodies again....
    Dee xx

  8. That prize is so well-deserved. It is a stunning card. Well done and enjoy your goodies.

  9. WOW! this card is absolutely stunning, no surprise that you won! Congratulations :-D

    Karen xx

  10. Hi Eileen, well deserved I think, your card is magic and so beautiful. I hope you have tons of fun with your new stash:0) xxx

  11. This card is exquisite !! Stunning !!

  12. WOW, this card is too wonderful for words. Congratulations on your win.

  13. Ooooooo big "CONGRATULATIONS" Eileen. Your scrummy card couldn't fail to win - it's beautiful. Love it!


  14. You certainly deserved to win, this is a wonderful card, you get such a profesional finish every time.


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