Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Foil It Machine

Huh! Had this since Christmas ... not used it yet!
Trust me ....the fish is shiny!
Morning all ... I will post a card later today but I thought you may be interested in my Foil It Machine .... This was a Christmas present from my husband! I think he is a bit miffed cos I have not used it yet.....  not surprised, it seems I am a bit ungrateful  :(    but truthfully, I am so delighted with it and today I am going to play ..... I will let you know in a while how I get on.... see you later maybe....x

Yoo hoo... back again.

Well, I have had a great time.

Overall I am very pleased with the performance of the Foil It. It's very easy to use and the instructions are clear and easy to understand.

All the words shine when you catch the light right!
The machine comes with some sample foils and photocopied images to practice on. These 'foil up' very well indeed and look great. Also included is a CD that has 100 clip art images on, that you can download on to your lappy.

Any image printed on white paper, that I tried, worked well each time.

I typed some words and printed them out on white smooth 160gm paper and the effect was great. I have posted a picture ... it looks uneven because of the light but it is very good in 'real life!'

This looks lovely
You can only use images that are printed on a laser printer ( I nicked  my husbands!) or photocopies.

I wanted to see how the machine behaved on dark coloured card and paper .... well, not too good to begin with.
Some of my paper/ light card, had a slight texture and the foiling was patchy.... even on smooth dark paper/ card it did not seem to have much effect. The foiling was very poor.

So, reading the instructions again and with a cup of coffee and TWO Mr Kipling French Fancies (I have a weakness for them) I started to 'turn up' the heat!  Better results.... tried all different sorts of dark paper and some dark pearly stuff ....better and better results .... turn the heat up again  much better still .... so that's it really, you need to play and try different textures with your paper and  adjust your heat settings .... I am pleased with the machine and will use it a lot for my inserts .... I hope you find this post useful.

Enjoy the rest of your day. After more coffee and cake! I will be posting another card that I made a few days ago. Thanks for popping by.

 Eileen x