Monday, 6 December 2010

Clarity Stamp, My Brayer And Barbara Gray On TV.

Hi,It's a good Monday for me, I hope it is the same for you.

This card is copied from a demonstration I watched by Barbara Gray  from Clarity Stamps yesterday on a TV shopping channel.

The clouds are, I feel, just magic and so easy to do.

 Brayer your smooth, coated, card stock with a layer of Cloudy Blue Adirondack Ink and taking a cotton wool ball ( fluff this up a bit)  dab it into a Versamark Ink Pad.
 'Stamp' the cotton wool ball over the card stock then load your brayer with Denim Ink and after taking off some of  the excess ink, flick the brayer across your project.

When you are satisfied with the depth of colour, lightly buff  your work with some soft tissue. I had a couple of tries before I was happy but it did not take too long ...have a go!

I am going to use this technique again and again.
I think it's just grand!  Thanks Barbara!

Thank you for popping by today and have a great week.
Eileen x


  1. Beautiful card,gorgeous image

  2. Hi there Eileen,
    Love your card you've got the lightness with the brayer, yours is a lovely copy. The sky technique is great:0)
    Barbara Grey is an inspiration, I watched her demo at the Craft Barn she is amazing with the brayer, a real artist, I was blown away with her toadstool and snail demo, brilliant colours.:0) xx

  3. Thanks ladies.... I just loved the toadstool and snail as well..MC. I wonder if I ask Santa, would he bring me the stamps?

  4. Barbara is a talented lady! just like you!! I must have a go too and see what happens

  5. This is fab I recorded the show cos I was working so hav'nt seen it yet, cant wait to have a go, am so busy just now dont seem to have time for anything. Your card is super. Mary x

  6. Brilliant as always Eileen - am definitely going to have a go at this one myself when I get time, but I know it won't be a patch on yours! Well done! xx

  7. This is a great idea Eileen, your sample looks super! and have put it in my ideas book to try put soon I hope thanks so much! Shaz in Oz.x

  8. Great card! I saw Barbar Gray yesterday too - wasn't she brill. I had a go at the brayering last night before I went to bed!

  9. Gorgeous card, and I LOVE this technique!Cool to see that moon stamp on your card- I have that one too, never seen it used anywhere before. Shaz xx


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