Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Rochester Workshops August 2014 - Group 2 and Altered Art Inka Gold Mirror - The results

Morning all... more fantastic results from my ladies, last Saturday and Sunday at the Rochester Workshops... Oh.. we had so much fun. 
Loved it all ..Such happy days... you can never have too many. x

Thank you ladies, for some very special crafty times.
I also need to thank Karen Clare for the inspiration regarding the super mirror project. Karen used Tarmac!!!!! but my class used Black Gesso and Inka Gold paint as a change ... fab technique Karen, thank you.
Back soon.
Eileen xxx


  1. It was a brilliant day, so enjoyed the workshop and my rainy day mirror. Archie also had a brilliant day, finding new smells, seeing the beach and the sea for the first time. He had a better day out at the seaside than most kids. Thanks to all at Godwin Towers. xxxx

    1. Thanks Elaine... we loved having you both here... a super day for all of us xxxx

  2. these look awesome - love them xx

  3. Beautiful results. As always you have your students creating like pros! Glad you had fun :)

  4. Wow loving the artwork and especially mirrors xxx


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