Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Isle of Mull and a problem with my 'Dongle'!

Hello Fans!

This post is just to let you know that I am unable to post any cards for the next couple of weeks. Hubby and I, along with our 'girls'! are up in the Scottish Highlands staying on the Isle of Mull .

This island is beautiful,wonderful and glorious but the phone signals, where we are, are naff!

I have a few cards to post and my last post to edit but my 'dongle' is driving me nuts 'cos the signal is so low and data transfer is SLOW or CRASH!

I cannot access FB or my email so it's just like the old days!

I have decided to put all my energies into having a good time by walking, reading, watching wildlife ( hubby is on a boat as I write this, taking photos of Sea Eagles! ) making cards and eating chocolate! I will post my cards 'wot I 'ave made' when I arrive home.

Ken is keeping up to date with Daisy's Diary by going into Tobermory each evening but it is taking hours if he wants to post text AND pictures !

Please don't forget me :(

I have some super stuff to show you (modest is my middle name!)

Pat ... I have received your email and I will answer it as soon as I get home.
Thank you for following my blog and also for the kind comments X :)

See you all soon.

Ps The local 'Chocolate Shop' has free internet connection and that is where we are at the moment !

Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and yummy cake ...the WEP connection is great so we will be back !!!