Thursday 20 May 2010

How to make The Art Deco Card

I have had a few e-mails about the Art deco card shown here that I posted a few weeks ago, asking for instructions.
So I have got to work and here they are.
This card using the Hougie Board is a doddle to do, however, writing the instructions was not so easy!

I hope you can understand them! e-mail me if you need HELP!

Take an A4 piece of card and fold it in half.

A4  Photo 1
Make a mark in pencil on both sides of the front of the card 5cms down from the folded edge.
Then find the middle point along the bottom of the card and make another mark. See photo .... 2.

Photo 2
I have' high-lighted'  the centre channel of my board using a black marker helps!

Open the card and place the tip of the folded edge on the black centre line and turn the card so that the mark on the half way point at the bottom of the card is also on the black line and they LINE UP See photo ..3
Photo 3

 Score down the channel.

Move both marks over one channel  and score again so you have two lines. See photo ...4.

Photo 4
Photo 5
Move the second score line over one channel and keeping an eye that it stays in the channel ! (check near the bottom of the card) pull the card across so that you line up the 5cm mark into the middle black line channel ( gawd, I am confused and I have made loads of these!!) See photo 5 
Score down and without moving the card score down the line next to it.
Phew!...this side is now complete. See photo 6.
Photo 6

Now start again on the other side to match.
See photo's 7,8,9 and 10.
Photo 7

Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10
Finally... you must fold using valley and mountain folds along the score lines ...starting with a mountain fold then a valley ...then another valley and one more mountain ....
This means the front of the card is smaller and part of the design is to layer a coloured card on the back, inside your card.
This will be seen from the front and I think it looks very attractive. You can then decorate as you wish ...I hope this makes sense!
Good luck and happy crafting ...x
My brain hurts!
Eileen x