Friday, 23 April 2010

My kind of Friday...part two.

A couple of years ago I went to a 'letters' class where Gayle Bond, a very talented designer,showed us all how to make cards from letters and numbers.... this is one of my efforts. I made this card for a relative who's name is ......Paul... and who! It was fun to make and as you can use any letters you like it's ideal for any occasion or age of person, male or female.
I have had a play with my new 'Hougie' board but I am still  in 'design' mode so no card to show at the moment.
My walk with Daisy this morning was brilliant...I saw and heard so many birds. Pied and grey wagtails,a black cap,a song thrush that was singing it's heart out and best of all I heard my first Cuckoo for this year.
The sun was very warm and as we walked into a small wooded area near my home I saw a large dog fox, so handsome, sitting in the middle of the path ahead of us enjoying the sunshine and having a snooze!
He was not pleased to be disturbed and turned up his nose as he stood up and walked slowly into the undergrowth. I got the impression that he was thinking ' why can't that human woman and her dippy dog clear off somewhere else'!

We left the wood and moved over the fields where Daisy tried to chase the rabbits and loads of Swallows were zipping around catching insects ....Finally, I saw a group of Gold Finches feeding ....a group of Gold finches is called 'a charm' and that was what my walk was this morning ...charming.
Thanks for dropping by.

Eileen x