Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Rochester Workshop April 2017 Group One - The Results

Hello.. Thanks for dropping by my Blog today
My Group One, April Workshop 
was just flippin AMAZING
and such fun!
Just look at all the fantastic Art Work here!

Huge thanks to Marianne for treating me
 to a very useful 'Display Stand' for my birthday!
Now, I can take super pictures of my WS cards.
They look so much better .
You are a star Marianne x

  Back soon ( after Saturday) with the results from Group Two !
A larger group... with some hooligans! 
Eileen xx


  1. Beautiful results and the stand looks good xxxx

  2. Wow, they look fabulous altogether. I had a great day. Thank you Eileen.

    Sue xx

  3. Amazing artwork. Inspiring as ever Eileen x

  4. Great artwork Eileen, a very talented group! x

  5. This looks gorgeous, I love great artwork completely.Very Inspiring.


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