Monday, 12 October 2015

Rochester Workshop - October 2015 Group Two - The Results

Well! ... What can I say - not much really. I'm just blown away by the results of my last two Workshops! Stunning stuff indeed. Feast your eyes on these magnificent, Canvas Boards, from Group Two.   I'm featuring Thirty eight of 'em here and there are STILL more to come when the other Canvas Boards they took home are completed... we ran out of time.

Phew!.. I'm planning more classes using Canvas and Multi Media they are very popular, are good fun, and produce fabulous results! I didn't have to do much more than swan around, helping here and there, eating delicious cakes, sausage rolls and yummy mince pies made by Barbara Cleggett ... cheers Barbara xxx
Thanks for looking today.. a comment or two will really spur my ladies on if you have the time.xx
Back soon Eileen xx