Sunday 19 February 2012

PanPastels with a beautiful ' Wild Horses ' Stamp from the USA.

Hello everyone
Another week has flown by and this card is my Design Team sample for the PanPastel UK Challenge 'Animals'.
I think this stamp is one of the most beautiful images I have. It has laid unloved, in a drawer! I do not have the name of the stamp but the number is .... K-1806  2001 PSX  Santa Rosa,CA.
The bird image is a Clarity Stamp and the Swans/Geese on the other card are from Lavinia Stamps
I have used my PanPastels to create the background and the Sun.
Much more vivid sun on this card
Please see this earlier post  for more information on how  to create the Sun/moon!
It's a doddle to do!  Takes just a few minutes.
 I had so much fun making this card I made another!
Almost the same but slightly different colours and a bit smaller .
Thanks for stopping by my blog today ... Stay warm, stay safe and I'll see you soon.
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Lavinia Stamps Swans or Geese
I will be showing off some of the gorgeous cards that my 'students' completed at my last brayering workshop,  in my next post ..... Super work!
Thank you for stopping by and its only 25 days until the next F1 racing season BEGINS .... Woo-hoo Jensen and Lewis ..... Cracking!