Friday, 7 August 2015

Lavinia Thistles Stamps and Archival Inks

Morning Bloggers. Sorry, gonna have a whinge! Broke my laptop....not good. Purchased a new one, very good. Getting it all set up with email and transferring all my files over....  BLINKING NIGHTMARE! Calm down dear....
This card was made for my friend Barbara who had a birthday a couple of days ago.
Lavinia Stamps Thistle Stamp and Ranger Archival inks, mainly from the Wendy Vecchi colour palette plus Rose Madder and Black
Stamped onto 100% Cotton, water colour card.The little Butterflies are Lavinia Stamps too!
Thanks to all my Facebook friends who have liked and commented on this card on FB. :)
Thank you also, for popping over to my Blog today. Have a great Friday and super weekend.
Hubby tells me that Windows 10 will soon be winging my way! ... Oh Gawd!
Eileen xxx


  1. Lol, your post has made me laugh this morning Hahahaha! Love this card, the colours on the thistles are super, have a great day, see ya tomorrow as long as I servive today lol xx Zoe xx

  2. Oh dear! Sounds like you might want to jump out of those 10 Windows; the time & trouble it's taking to set up that new laptop. Barbara must have loved this card; it's such a beautiful card, wish I had just a pinch of your creative ability with colour...yours always looks so striking or beautiful. Could I ask where you get your cotton watercolour card from?
    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend too, especially with Group 2 of your workshops. Xx

  3. Dear Eileen,
    after 3 laptops 'died' on me, I've learnt my lesson - get a MASSIVE back up box and USE IT!! You won't be sorry. I've no time to be an IT manager as well as everything else.
    I love that you can show new ways of using some of my favourite stamps like this. I've just organised all my Lavinia stamps (first job of retirement!) more so I can file them away rather than find them. They look so neat now.
    Hope you are well.

  4. Really a beautiful composition.
    Big hugs Anja

  5. Great design as always. I wasn't keen on Windows 10 to start with but after a couple of weeks you'll get used to it xxx

  6. Sorry to hear about your Laptop ...xxxx I sympathise x Card is as always Bloominf Lovely xxxxx

  7. Hello Eileen, What a stunning card. I've only just got used to Windows 8 - not sure I can start again. I love that magic cloud where all my stuff flies to get backed up every night. Definitely worth setting up when things go wrong. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  8. Oh, man, this is amazing! I love the mix of colors and then the black silhouettes.

  9. Fantastic looking card. Just perfect. I love the added splatters.

    See you tomorrow mate!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  10. Beautiful card!!
    Groetjes Karin

  11. Fabulous mix of colours and I love, love, love that thistle stencil! Susan x

  12. Fabulous mix of colours and I love, love, love that thistle stencil! Susan x

  13. Hey, this is MY birthday arrived safely on Friday, Eileen....thank you so much. mwah! xxxx

  14. This is a lovely bright and pretty card for your friend Barbara's birthday Eileen using these Lavinia stamps which are beautiful. Let us know how you get on with Windows 10 as we are thinking of changing too. x

  15. Absolutely the colors and the pops of black.

  16. love the card - colours on this card -the colours of thistles are lovely


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